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Boudoir Basics

Get in touch so we can start working together.

  • Metairie Sex Therapy Center

Get Boudoir Basics about Boudoir Play

We are now offering 25 minute consultations for 75$.  This is not a counseling session, screening, or intake.  It provides an opportunity to consult with a professional sex therapist about sexual health, wellness, and education.  If you've experienced trauma, medical or intimacy difficulties, or just want to liven things up in the bedroom contact us for assistance.  It's a time to discuss pleasurable items that can be purchased by clicking on Boudoir Play here or above.  Feel free to use our code MST50 while you shop for 50% off of one item.  The code is good through December 31st so if you forget something or want to explore something new comeback and use it again.

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