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My name is Semeko Cox Funches the owner & operator of the Metairie Sex Therapy Center.  I specialize in sexual health and substance use recovery as it relates to sexual difficulties.  I utilize my counseling skills to assist with the improvement of my clients mental health quality, substance sobriety, work life balance, trauma informed care, and sexual well-being as a whole. I also provide future therapist guidance on their paths to greatness and a Licensed Professional Counseling Supervisor (LPC-S).

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My Story

In 2004 I received my undergraduate degree from Southern University A & M where I studied Psychology. In 2007 I completed my first graduate degree from Southern University A & M in Mental Health Counseling and I am also certified in School Counseling. In 2013 I completed a second Master’s in Criminal Justice at Southern University of New Orleans and am currently vetting colleges & universities for doctoral programs specializing in Sexual Health, Wellness, & Education.  I’m a national certified counselor, a board approved supervisor, educator, and master addiction clinician.  I’ve contracted with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Loyola University, Youth EmPowerment, & LSUHSC to highlight a little of my vast experience.  I’ve also been a member of the AASECT community since 2016 and will be completing my sex therapy certification at the years end.  


I strive to make warm & genuine connections with my clients as I support them in navigating all of the joy, grief, & everything in between that life brings us.  My therapeutic approach is tailored to each individual client.  I draw from different modalities including trauma informed approaches, mindfulness, and muscle work (body-based). I also specialize in sexual therapy, health, wellness, & education as a whole.  I’ve been working with substance use recovery since 2007 along with anxiety, depression, & trauma (sexual, DV, IPV, etc.).  I also work with adults  diagnosed with ADHD and sleeping issues.  My clients consist of individual’s and couple’s.  I assist my clients with working to strengthen their relationships, intimacy, communication, and exploring sexuality & gender.  I’m kink and polyamory/consensual non-monogamy knowledgeable.  Compassion &  non-judgment are core values that I exhibit in my therapeutic support. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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